Is Primary Education beneficial for a child

Is Primary Education beneficial for a child

Primary education is a basic right of every child and it is the duty of the government as well as the parents to ensure the accessibility of it. Primary education aims to bring awareness among the children, prepare them for future challenges and stimulate their overall development. This is the first step towards the construction of a healthy society.

A good starting phase of life can prepare them for taking challenges and compete with the world. Primary education shapes the child’s social, cultural, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. It’s not just about academics, there’s much more that happens in a primary school which can explore at Penzzle and if still facing issue then contact us today.

The importance of primary education can’t be denied. Primary education aims to fulfill the basic needs of a child during the initial days of their school life. For getting a quality primary education, the child needs to attend a good pre-school and primary school.

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According to researchers attending a good pre-school and primary school can impact the child’s academic progress more than that of their gender and family background. It has the capacity of boosting the child’s development significantly. The research also stated that the quality of teaching at the primary school affects both the social and intellectual behavior of the child.



Here we will be discussing a few benefits of a quality primary education.

?       Develops the thirst for knowledge

Every toddler is born with an urge to understand the world around them. They always try to discover new things, make new friends, explore new spaces with their active imagination capabilities. A good primary education helps to develop this inquisitiveness and imagination of the child.

?       Nurtures the child’s concentration

The nature of every toddler is playful and curious hence they don’t have a longer attention span. Primary education in schools helps to develop the concentration span of the child. It also helps them to become a good listener.

?       Develops cognitive skills

A vital role is played by the preschools in strengthening the cognitive skills of a child. The fun learning environment in a primary school motivates them to ask questions, solve problems and observe various things closely.

?       The child Learns diversity

A good pre-primary school boosts a multicultural classroom that teaches toddlers to respect other cultures and opinions so that they can become a good human being.

?       It is instrumental in enhancing emotional and social skills

Pre-schools help in the creation of personal identity of the child. In the school environment, the child learns to interact with other classmates and develop a friendship with them.

?       Leads the future foundation

Right pre-primary education leads the path for a healthy future. This is the first step taken towards a successful career. Primary education prepares the child for middle school and high school.


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